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Can I Change My Fitness Tracker?
You can change your preferred device at any time on the STEPPI app; follow these steps:

Go to 'Profile' tab on STEPPI app
Next tap 'You Connected Via'
Click the device of choice from the list and 'CONNECT'
Follow prompts to allow STEPPI to track data
Go to the STEPPI home page and swipe down to sync data

If you are having trouble syncing, go to the article with instructions to connect your device.

If I Change My Device, Will I Lose My Previous Synced Activity On STEPPI?
No, when you change your device, you will NOT lose any data, the STEPPI app will continue to track your steps using your new chosen device, once you have connected.
You can only track data to your STEPPI account from one device at a time, please ensure you have synced your data before changing devices.

I can't see my device on the list. Can I still use STEPPI and join challenges?
Here at STEPPI we aim to make fitness fun and accessible to all, and we connect to most wearable devices. However, if you can't see your device listed, check out these alternative options to connect:

STEPPI connects to smartphones via Apple Health app (on iOS) and Google Fit (on Android), you can start to track your steps data using your mobile phone.
If you prefer to try to connect your wearable, it is possible to check if your device's app can connect steps via the Google Fit app (Android) or Apple Health app (iPhone). Go to your wearable application on your mobile phone and go to settings to check compatibility with Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS).

Follow the instructions to connect your device's app to Google Fit or Apple Health app. To check if the steps are syncing in Google Fit or Apple Health from your device, open the device application, and then Google Fit or Apple Health.

To successfully sync your steps to STEPPI, first open the device's app and then Google Fit or Apple Health and last open STEPPI app to confirm if steps are being tracked.

Please note: Steps may not accurately pull into STEPPI as there is an additional link (application) in the data reading process. If this is the case, we recommend tracking steps via your mobile phone (please note for tracking via mobile, the mobile phone must be carried on the person for the pedometer to count the steps).

How do I contact STEPPI if I need help?
The STEPPI team is here to support you if you need more help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do my steps sync to the STEPPI app?
STEPPI connects to your device’s app on your mobile phone, not directly with your device. If you are worried that there is a discrepancy in activity data, first check your fitness app is in sync with your device and then open STEPPI and swipe down to refresh the page.

How often should I sync my steps?
We recommend syncing your steps every day when on a challenge to reflect on the leaderboard. You can check previous days data by clicking on the activity icon on the homepage of the STEPPI app.

Can I manually input my activity on STEPPI?
Manual activity entry is only allowed on select challenges. All other STEPPI challenges require data to be read from a compatible wearable device or health app.

Can I create my own challenges on STEPPI?
Yes, we encourage people to get active with their friends and family. You can create private steps challenges by going to ‘My Challenges’ create private challenge and follow prompts to create and send to friends. Private challenges start at midnight on the same day they are created.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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