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Connecting with Garmin

Connecting My Garmin to STEPPI

Follow these steps to connect your Garmin to the STEPPI app:

Complete the sign-up process on STEPPI; follow prompts to choose your device, select 'Garmin.'
Click 'Connect'; this will open Garmin on your mobile phone. Allow STEPPI to access your data by selecting the 'Allow All' box followed by 'Allow.
You can change your device of choice at any time by going to 'Profile' > 'You Connected Via' and then selecting the preferred device.

How To Sync My Garmin?

Once you have successfully connected your Garmin to the STEPPI app follow this guide on how to sync your activity data.

Your Garmin device connects to STEPPI through the Garmin Connect app.
To sync your steps, start by:
1) Open the Garmin App
2) Sync with your Garmin device
3) Open the STEPPI App on your phone and swipe down to sync.

Technical Tip: we recommend opening STEPPI every day to sync your steps when on a challenge


What if my steps don’t sync to STEPPI from my Garmin?

If you have followed all the steps to connect to Garmin and your steps are still not syncing, we recommend removing the connection on STEPPI app and re-connecting.

STEPPI may not read all of the data on the first day of connection because Garmin only allows data to be tracked from the point of making the connection, not the whole day.

If you are still having problems syncing your steps, please contact

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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