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Connecting with Apple

Connecting My Apple Watch To STEPPI
Follow these steps to connect your Apple Watch to the STEPPI app.

Complete the sign-up process on STEPPI, follow prompts to choose your device, select 'iPhone/Apple Watch.'
Click 'Connect'. This will open the Apple Health app. Allow STEPPI to access health data by turning all the data categories to 'ON' and tapping 'Allow.'
You can change your device of choice at any time by going to 'Profile' > 'You Connected Via' and then selecting the preferred device.

How to Sync data from your Apple Watch:

Once you have successfully connected your Apple Watch to the STEPPI app follow this guide on how to sync your activity data.

Your Apple Watch connects to STEPPI through the Apple Health app, which allows STEPPI to track activity data like steps and distance through your mobile device. You may need to download the Apple Health app from the Apple store if your device does not already have the app installed.

To sync your steps, start by:

Open the Apple Health App
Sync with your Apple Watch
Open the STEPPI App on your phone and swipe down to sync.

If your Apple Health app isn’t showing the correct steps then it won’t be able to sync with STEPPI and you will need to troubleshoot the connection from your Apple Watch to the Apple Health app.

Technical Tip: we recommend opening STEPPI everyday to sync your steps when on a challenge


What if my steps don’t sync to STEPPI from my Apple Phone or Apple Watch?
Your activity data is correct in the Apple Health app but when you sync to STEPPI, your steps do not correspond, first check you have allowed STEPPI to read the data in Apple Health app settings:

Open Apple Health app, tap ‘Profile’ top right.
Under privacy click ‘Apps’
Find STEPPI open and make sure all options are toggled ‘On’ and are highlighted in green.
If not, turn all to ‘On’ allowing STEPPI to read the activity data.

If you discover no steps are displayed in the Apple Health app, check the inbuilt pedometer in your iPhone is turned on to enable steps to track and sync to STEPPI:

Open your iPhone's Settings >
Tap ‘Privacy’ and ‘Motion & Fitness’
Check all boxes are set to 'On” or highlighted green

If you are trying to sync an alternative device like Polar or Xiaomi through the Apple Health app, then we recommend trouble shooting the connection between your device and the Apple Health app.

If you have checked all the above and the steps are not syncing, we recommend removing the device connection on STEPPI and reconnecting.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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