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Connecting via Google Fit on Android

Connecting My Android Phone To STEPPI
Follow these steps to connect your Android phone to the STEPPI app.

STEPPI connects to Android phones via the Google Fit app, which allows you to track activity data like steps and distance through your mobile device. You may need to download the Google Fit app from the Google Play store if your device does not already have the app installed.

*You will not be able to connect to Google Fit on STEPPI app unless the Google Fit app has been installed on your Android device and an account is created.

Connecting Your Google Fit App to STEPPI

Complete the sign-up process on STEPPI; follow prompts to choose your device,
Tap Android/Google Fit from the list of devices and click ‘CONNECT’.
Follow prompts to allow STEPPI access to your activity data.
You will see a connection confirmation. Select ‘OK’ to confirm.


What if my steps don’t sync to STEPPI from my Google Fit?

If you have read and completed the steps to connect STEPPI to your Google Fit app and the data is still not syncing to STEPPI, find out the most common reasons here:

My steps are not showing in Google Fit.
Make sure your check the settings in Google Fit to see if you have the activity tracking turned on, follow these steps:
Open the Google Fit app on your phone.
Tap ‘Profile’
Go to ‘Settings’
Find ‘Activity tracking’ and select automatic activity tracking ‘On’

If you still can’t see your steps check you have connected the correct Google account when getting set up on STEPPI. To do this open the Google Fit app, go to Profile, and see the email listed under your name.

After confirming your email address, you can reconnect your Google Fit to STEPPI, make sure to select the same Google account that you’ve connected to Google Fit.

How do register active minutes on Google Fit?

How Fit measures your activity

Activity for more than one minute (at 30 steps per minute) = One Move Minute.
One minute of cycling = One Heart Point.
One minute of brisk walking (100 steps or more per minute) = One Heart Point.
One minute of running (130 steps or more per minute) = 2 Heart Points.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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